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Before you leapfrog into a foreign university for your graduation or post-graduation studies, make sure you are on the right track. The vast plethora of offerings that the reputed universities have come up with is likely to baffle you. You can approach the international study consultants in Delhi for a comprehensive guidance, where the experts will put you on the right track. We, at EduTrustour international study consultants, steer aspirants towards their career goals by providing an all-round assistance in the process. From career counselling to post-admission assistance, our range of services encompass all the areas where you might need help.

Why should you seek our services?

We love to see students propel to success, and our assistance ensures that they stay focused on their career. Often, the wrong choices of course or university mess up with career plans of promising students. With our international study consultant’s assistance, you can experience a seamless journey throughout your graduation and post-graduation studies in overseas institutions. The international study consultants inDelhi assists the students in the following areas:

Planning your career

The courses offered by the foreign universities can dynamically enhance your prospects. We can help you plan your career by choosing the right course at the right university. Besides, you might be in a dilemma regarding the choice of your overseas study destination. We assess the circumstances of each student and help them to decide the country where they can enjoy maximum exposure.

Seamless clearance for immigration processes

 The immigration and visa processing formalities often turn out to be complicated. Particularly, if you are travelling overseas for the first time, you may need a professional guidance about the documentation process. Most of the students approach the international study consultants in Delhi to get their visa letter drafted. The immigration norms vary from one country to the next. We ensure that the applications comply with all the guidelines prescribed by the authorities.

Assistance for obtaining loans and scholarships

The expenses in pursuing overseas education are high.International study consultants assist students in obtainingeducation loans from banks with ease.You should apply with the right financial institutions for loans when you travel abroad for higher studies. Rejection of your request can result in delays. We have been dealing with these aspects for years, and can help you get the loan approved. You can also seek our assistance in obtaining scholarships from the reputed universities.

How EduTrust Consultants can help you materialize your dreams?

We aim to help students select the right career programs that the foreign universities offer. This results in an enhanced career prospect for promising candidates. Besides, we are acquainted to the procedures that help students to enjoy a hassle-free admission process, preventing rejections and delays.

 We provide a comprehensive assistance to students while accomplishing the pre-admission formalities, like submission of SOP and LOR,visa approval, immigration processing and much more. This helps them to navigate through the challenges that come up their way. With our assistance, students can realize their strengths and potentials. This motivates them to pursue courses that complement their career goals. You can approach the international study consultants in Delhi for any assistance while seeking admission at your dream university.

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