What is DHL?

DHL International GmbH is American-founded Company that is currently the international messenger, parcel, and mail division of the German supplying company Deutsche Post DHL. Deutsche Post DHL is that the world's largest supplying company, notably in the ocean and airmail. The corporate delivers over one.3 billion parcels each year.

The company was supported within the U.  S. in 1969 and dilated its service throughout the planet by the late Nineteen Seventies. The corporate was primarily curious about offshore and intercontinental deliveries, however, the success of FedEx prompted their intra-US enlargement beginning in 1983.

Why DHL?

  • Door-step delivery
  • Turn-around website
  • Reduced  Delivery time

Why us?

With our DHL courier service, you can always send all your academic documents and transcripts to a range of universities in the US and Canada. We have various plans that students can pick from at affordable prices.

Exports: With DHL express and Edutrust, you'll get your cargos around the globe: fast! From a document to a shipment up to 273 kilograms, DHL express international door-to-door delivery is that the most reliable thanks to moving a package just about any place within the world. Average transit times are usually 1-3 days.

Imports: you'll alter your international provide chain. Eliminate local brokers and forwarders with the versatile import services we offer through DHL categorical. We will ship documents and packages up to 600 lbs and deliver to any country or receiver. DHL Import categorical is on the market from or between quite two hundred countries.

We have the simplest process for our clients:

  • Give the address for pick-up and delivery.
  • Select the method of payment.
  • Confirm the order by making the payment.
  • The pick-up of your item will be scheduled within two days.
  • Your documents will be delivered to the destination in 3-5 business days from the day of pick-up.
  • We have a door-to-door organized pickup.
  • Rs 890 are the cost to avail our services along with DHL to send your transcripts to different universities in Canada and the US but Rs 1300 required to send your transcripts alone via DHL.

As you'll see, Edutrust offers the economical & cost-friendly service of DHL express for international shipping with no acquire fees, no EEI method charges, and a global facilitate table to assist you to create your shipments.

Edutrust represents over 150 leading education institutions around the world. We offer end to end services to students; right from identifying the right course to the right destination. We have been instrumental in helping many students realize their dream of studying abroad come true.

We have tie-ups with many leading Universities and Colleges abroad and so students from Edutrust get the highest preference. Finance is a big hurdle that many students face but our edge in this area ensures that you get the loan you need quickly and easily. Besides this, you can avail scholarships or even earn while you learn to make your education quite affordable.





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