General Visa Interview Questions

By: Aparna Jacob

General Visa Interview Questions

1)Why are you here today?

I am here to get a visa to pursue a Masters at University

2)Name some Profs at your University?

Research well and find out the names of your professors in that university.

3)What is VLSI?

It stands for Very Large Scale Integration. It involves integrating or “joining” many small components into one using digital logic to facilitate easier and cheaper production of electronics goods.

4)What did you do since B.E.?

I wanted to take a break before I started studying an intense curriculum. Also, the jobs I would hope to get with just a bachelor’s degree would be software analyst jobs, which would be of no help in achieving my long term goals. So I just decided to brush up on my Undergraduate subjects and read about the curriculum I wished to study. (Mention some book names:

Java, the complete reference – Herbert Schildt

Verilog HDL – Samir Palnitkar

VHDL Programming by example – Douglas Perry

5)How did you develop an Interest in electronics?

My father has been working in this field for over 30 years, so he introduced me to electronics since I was very young. Hence I decided to pursue this field for my graduation.

6)Tell about your university?

The University of Cincinnati is a public research university in Cincinnati, Ohio. UC was founded in 1819, and has an annual enrollment of over 40,000 students, making it one of the 100 largest universities in the U.S. It offers over 300-degree-granting programs. The university has been recognized by campus planners and architects as one of the most distinguished campus settings in the world.

7)Do you plan to study Ph D after MS?

Tell then according to your preference.

8)Why did you apply to these universities?

I did a lot of research online going through the universities websites. I considered the course structure and the current faculty at Universities. I also contacted the current students there to get an opinion to shortlist these Universities.

9)How many brother and sisters do you have?

According to you.

10)You have sisters and brothers and how do you think your sponsor will pay for your education?

Mention about your brother/sisters having low fees or having scholarships, something of the sort.

11)Why are you leaving your current job?

Having worked here for ## years, I now feel that for better career prospects, I need specialized practical training and research exposure. Hence I have decided to pursue an MS for further career development.

12)Why did you choose this country but no in Canada or Germany?

The US is at the cutting edge of electronics research. Though Canada and Germany are excellent places to study, they cannot compare to the US in the likes of research exposure available. Hence I chose the US.

13)What kind of good things do you know about this country?

The US is a technologically very advanced country and it has the infrastructure to enable research, keeping them at the cutting edge of technology. The people there are very friendly and I look forward to making some good friends there.

14)What do you know about US education?

United States education follows the credit system(explain about credits). Also, there is as much weight given to practical education as to theoretical education, which is not the case in India.

15)How many credits do you require to complete your course of study?

Tell as per your course.

16)Why do you think this university is giving you a scholarship?

I have the kind of profile that they were looking for and hence they have provided me with a scholarship.

17)Why did only this university give you a scholarship?

It is a policy of the other universities in my list not to provide funding to MS students as funding is only reserved for PhD students.

18)Tell about your achievements?


19)What are your strengths?

Blabber about being confident, focused, hardworking etc. ☺

20)What are your weaknesses?

Tell some negative traits of yours like sometimes being overcommitted, overconfident.

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