F1 Visa Interview Questions

By: Aparna Jacob

 F1 Visa Interview Questions

1. Why are you going to the USA?

to pursue my masters in at...

2. Why the only USA, not other countries?

The USA is well known for quality education on and practical learning.

The course curriculum in USA universities is designed with latest technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence which is not absent in India.

Moreover, The USA degree will give more weight to my resume also.

USA degree has global acceptance.

3. Why only Masters? Or why Masters?

It is a right platform for me to build up my career and get well settle in India as a so ware developer in MNC companies and full fill my dream.

4. Which course you are taking in your Masters?

I have chosen computer science in my masters

5. Why computer science?

I have completed my bachelor technology or under graduation in information technology I have learnt the fundamentals of cs but bit more knowledge on technical part would serve me greatly when I return here and choose the company of my choice!

6. What companies will you choose?

I would like to choose so ware companies which run on technological like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Dell  infotech etc

7. Why csuf? Or why this University?

Csuf has an excellent course curriculum facility in the area of my interest that is computer networks. I am impressed with the creative research of the professor named Dr Barua Susamma who already done research on my specialization. Hence I want to be a part under his guidance and to advance my skills.

8. Did you contact any professor at this University?

I thought their me is too precious and it is too premature to disturb them. I will take the benefit of their skills when I land there.

9. Tell me something about your University?

California state university Fullerton is a public research university located in California, United States. The university offers degrees like under graduation, graduation, doctoral programs and multimedia research opportunities.

10. What's your specialization?

My area of specialization is wireless networks

*11. Why only that specialization?*

A wireless network allows your business to provide secure wireless access to the Internet for guests such as customers or business partners. Retailers, restaurants, hotels and other public-facing businesses can provide this as a unique value-added service.

*12 tell me about your course curriculum?*

My total course consists of 30 credit hours and in a total of 10 subjects. 6 are core and 4 are electives. Core subjects are computer system architecture, so ware design, seminar in computer science, so ware measurement, computer networks, wireless networks...Electives are so ware design and architecture, data mining, professional ethical issues, Network protocols.

14. How did you apply to that University? Tell me the procedure?

I have applied in the University official website that is www.fullerton.edu and searched all the information about course and requirements then I applied to that University. After completionn of my application process, I sent all of the required documents to them.

*15.How many universities you have applied?*

I have applied to 6 universities.

16.how many admit you have?

I got admits from csuf and OSU

*17. What is your GRE and IELTS scores?*

GRE score......

*18.what do you after your Masters?*

As there is a wide variety of job opportunities in India in my area of specialization So, After completion of my masters I will come back to here and choose the company of my choice and also take care of my family.

19. what is your future plan?

My immediate future plan is to complete my masters in the USA and then I will come back to my home country and join in an MNC company as a network engineer

*20.Which year passed out?*

I am a 2017 passed out year student

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