Why Germany is the favourite destination for passionate students?

By: Aparna Jacob

Why Germany is the favourite destination for passionate students?

Are you interested in pursuing a Masters in Germany?

What is your stumbling block?

Do you have 7.5 GPA or above?

Are you worried about your career and how to enhance your studies and career?

Read our blog to find out eligibility criteria for masters in Germany.

In this blog, we are going to feature about eligibility criteria for Germany university to do masters.

Germany is everything for the students!

Germany, the country is situated in the heart of the old continent, is famous for its automobile brands and music. This country consists of sixteen federal states and prominent for its largest national economy in Europe.

A rich and absorbing history driven by the old-fashion and vibrant architecture, picturesque landscapes, yummy food and beer, that’s why Germany is the third most favourite student destination in the world. Are these reasons can thrill you to explore this stupendous country.

  • Higher remuneration.
  • Excellent quality of Education.
  • Research-driven Programs.
  • Higher Technological support.
  • Top-ranked universities in the world are in Germany.
  • Embrace diverse and global environment.
  • Better quality of lifestyle.

Here we are going to mention about some attractions in Germany.

Various attractions of  Germany

  • Castles, forts, palaces
  • Museums
  • Europa  Park
  • German Beers &German sausages
  • German Bread
  • Oktober Fest
  • Football
  • Cathedral & Monuments
  • Festivals & Carnivals
  • Free Education

Best Masters Courses in Germany

Here we are going to list down the most favoured courses of students who wish to study in Germany.

These courses will help you to

  • Robotics & Mechatronics
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Business Management
  • Humanities
  • Maths & Computer sciences
  • Fine & Applied Arts
  • Law & Economics

Find the right institutions and programmes

Finding the right universities and courses will make your German migration easier. So follow these instructions to shape your German  journey more memorable.

  • Choose a university
  • Check their admission requirements
  • Research provisions
  • Course requirements
  • Industrial alliances
  • Teaching faculty
  • Locality
  • Accommodation options
  • Program & Fee Structure

Part-time jobs in Germany will help you to get recognized and adapted to the culture and multi-lingual environment. Legally, you are allowed to work  20 hrs/week or 120 full days/240 half days in a year.

Eligibility criteria for International students

Students who want to complete their Masters in Germany should meet these guidelines.

Germany is renowned for its quality of education.

  • 75 % or 7.5 GPA
  • English proficiency and  German  Language proficiency tests
  • 4 years of   Bachelors or equivalent diploma/degree
  • Bachelor degree should be from an Accredited University
  • Check the requirements before applying if you have three years of degree in UG.
  • A good score of GRE and Letter of recommendation


I used to think why people are migrating to Germany for their studies until I realised that they deliver the most quality in education and higher remunerations after completing their masters.

Their education is more of field experiences and less delivered in theoretical formats. The students get a total of 120 credits after their masters.  This transforms them into eligible and deserving candidates for the firms.

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