What are the strong guidelines for US admissions?

By: Aparna Jacob

What are the strong guidelines for US admissions?

 What are the strong guidelines for US admissions?

Are you passionate enough to move to the USA for your studies?

Are you looking –out for any guidelines!

What is your dilemma on US education?

Do you want to know about the parameters for applying to a US university?

Are you eligible?  Do you have a strong LOR? Are you a go-getter?

How about your achievements?

Too much of questions are there in your mind but you aren’t able to find the right person to talk about! Getting admission in US universities is quite difficult. But the right person can make your application process very much easier.

Stay tuned till the end!

In this blog, we will talk about guidelines and criteria you need to follow while applying to a US university/college.

We are gonna help you out. This blog will clear your doubts and confusions regarding higher studies in the US.

  • Find the right university

Right university complements your education and career. So it’s important to choose the right university and do a background study on placements, study materials and curriculum.

  • Find the right course/program

Choosing your favourite program is a difficult process. Because every institution offers specializations on particular subjects. And they can be outdated or can be updated also. The university might have good rankings but the department and their quality might not be excellent.

So choose wisely!

Your program should be advanced in technology, curriculum and should have career opportunities.

  • Process Your Application

Collect all the necessary documents from your alumni institutions and start your process early. Speak to the officials to know more about the application process. Ask your professors and employers to provide a strong and concrete LOR.

Make your SOP more efficient and build up a solid profile so that university officials should feel to admit you there as a potential student.

  • Language proficiency

Clear language proficiency tests such as IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE to prove your language skills.

  • Requisite Application documents

Verify your documents and make sure you have documents recommended by the university. Transcripts, certificates, achievements and other documents should be validated and should support your application.

  • University deadlines

Keep an eye on university deadlines and make sure that you fulfil the requirements and apply before the deadline.

  • Apply to your choices of university

I think now you have shortlisted your choices of university and have essential documents. So don’t waste your time! Apply!

  • Acceptance letter and following steps

After your application, this is the time to get your acceptance letter. After receiving your acceptance letter, Its time to start your visa process. Prepare well and don’t fumble. Be confident and use the right vocabulary to clear the interview.

So I think you have received your visa! Now it's time to fly to the USA for your higher studies! Enjoy and be studious.

So don’t forget to comment on your visa experience and tell us about your higher education plans,  your confusions and your troubles about the  USA education. We can help you with that!

“Let your dreams take wing”







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